How to set-up 123-reg email with a domain

So you have decided on a blog, bought your domain name and an email address from, bought the domain upgrade and got your domain pointing to your blog – phew, well done. But just as the champagne cork nearly takes out someone’s eye you realise that you aren’t receiving emails.

Getting your email to work in this situation is a lot tricky than you would have thought and getting 123-reg support to provide meaningful help was for me like getting blood out of a stone. When they finally gave me a detailed answer the information was wrong!

Yes, you do need to add MX records which you do by going to Upgrades, Domains, Edit DNS. However, the crucial part to getting it to work is to enter the following:

MX 10
MX 20

Note that it appears to be case-sensitive. Hope you find this info helpful. I have suggested to that they add this information to their help articles.


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  1. Thank you very very very much for this information GM

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