Parents share local info using New Facebook Groups

Facebook have launched New Facebook Groups and yes, just to be confusing, have called it New Groups!

I first became aware of this due to a post on StopThinkSocial which I promptly shared with my Facebook friends.

One of those friends was inspired to create a private local parent group and thanks to the viral effect of friends adding friends, within a couple of days there were 75 members.

So far we have shared half term activities, firework displays and general useful links

Tip: when people started posting duplicate info it became clear we needed to make use of docs, which are great, because all members can update docs. We created docs for different types of info – e.g. half term activities 2010, fireworks 2010 etc

Finding previously created docs is however not immediately intuitive. The temptation is to treat the links at the top as tabs, but clicking on the docs link simply creates a new doc. Docs are stored on the right and you may need to remind members of this.

It remains to be seen as to whether the initial flurry of participation continues or whether it was just a result of the initial novelty. But this geeky mummy is hoping for the former as New Facebook Groups are in my opinion a great addition to Facebook.

So what do you think of the New Facebook Groups? Have you set up your own New Group? Have Facebook got it right?


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I am a geeky stay at home mummy. My blog Geeky Mummy shares my experiences and tips for using gadgets, technology and social media with a definite parenting bias. If you want help (whether or not you are a mummy) with anything gadgetty or technical, I want to help or at least point you in the right direction towards someone who can.

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