A Solution to Christmas Present Overload?

December is for most families focused on the build up of that world-wide infamous celebration commonly referred to as Christmas.

Christmas day has been, for the most part shielded from a 21st century make-over.

Geeky Hubby however has an idea that is set to revolutionise Christmas.

Last week he said to me ‘I had a brilliant idea today’. Knowing me well and my love of Christmas he quickly added the familiar ‘but you won’t like it’.

Naturally my curiosity was peaked – do I never learn? With nervous anticiapation I asked him to reveal his ‘genius’ idea.

‘It doesn’t make sense to have just one day on which you open lots of presents. The excitement lasts for only a few minutes. How about instead, randomly throughout December, we give presents to each other leaving only a few for Christmas day. That way you are spreading out the fun and can get enjoyment from the presents for much longer’.

Now, the geek in me is generally speaking very logical and highly practical but there are however just some things you don’t mess with and Christmas day is definitely well and truly in this category – ‘yep, you are right’ I replied ‘I hate it’.

Christmas is about indulgence and being spoilt. I LOVE the whole build up to the big day. Spreading out Christmas makes it less special, not to mention the complication of explaining why Santa has delivered early.

Rest assured, Christmas in the Geeky household will well and truly be a traditional day (for us), with a pile of presents to be unwrapped at the crack of dawn.

So what do you think? Would you rather spread out the fun? Am I just being set in my ways? Do you plan to buck tradition in any way this year?


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18 Responses to A Solution to Christmas Present Overload?

  1. Mid 30s Life says:

    Mr Geek you can mess about with some things, like where to keep your remote control or what to download on your ipod thingy.

    But Christmas gifts are for Christmas day.

    Whether it’s one present or one hundred, that’s the way it is. If you mess with it the world will stop turning!

  2. Good plan, although with 2 kids with birthdays the same week as Christmas, we have tried celebrating things at different times of year, month etc….it doesn’t seem to work, and I don’t know why…I’d love to spread things out as it all seems unfeasably indulgent to have everything at once…but I’m not sure we’re any good at pretending!

  3. theboyandme says:

    No I agree, they should be done on Christmas Day only. It’s all about the rip of paper and then wading through the room afterwards.

  4. Geek mummy says:

    I don’t like to open presents before Christmas day, unless you’ve been handed one in person by someone you won’t see on the day – part of the joy of giving is watching the opening for me 🙂

    However, we frequently don’t open everything on Christmas day, and it’s fun to keep some things for Boxing Day and beyond. And if we’re seeing people over the Christmas period we’ll save presents from them to open when we see them as well. This should keep things at a manageable level.

    That’s the theory anyway.. We’ll see how it all works out this year!

    • Geeky Mummy says:

      You must either have very good self control or lots and lots of presents to still be opening them beyond boxing day. I always open presents from friends/family as soon as they give them unless they specifically say don’t open until the day for excatly the reason you state, the giver usually wants to see the reciever’s reaction.

      Last night we are at the Library Christmas Story Time and they gave the kids wrapped presents (that I happen to know were books given by the EU) and Geeky Daughter wanted to open it when we got home, and I let her, partly as it’s one less thing to find a home for but mostly so that she will more easily remember who gave it to her.

      • Geek Mummy says:

        I think I have both good self control and lots of presents tbh! As a kid growing up we always waited until after the Queen’s speech before opening presents. I had my stocking in the morning, and when I was a little older we tended to do “main” presents to each other in the morning as well, but for everything else it was after the Queen’s speech.

        And these days the Grandparents seem to go absolutely mad with the presents. My Mother-in-Law did say she was trying to limit herself to on present per Grandchild this year, but she’s already told the geekdaddy that he needs to go over on Christmas Eve to collect the presents as they won’t all fit in her boot, so I’m not holding out much hope there…

        Your library present kind of falls into my “open when the person that gave it to you is there” category. The geekdaughter went on a pre-school trip to see Santa this year, and she was allowed to open her present from him when she got home. Incidentally I’m very jealous of your library present – we went to our local library’s “Santa storytime” last week, and the present was a small packet of chocolate stars and a balloon!

      • Geeky Mummy says:

        We have a fab library. It’s tiny but they do loads of activities and helped me to setup a parent book group and a kids book group.

  5. Geeky Mummy says:

    OK, so obviously Geeky Hubby doesn’t like to let things lie. So as part of his cunning plan to persuade me that he is actually right, today he gave me a present early – a floor cushion. I spend a lot of my time sitting on the floor playing with Geeky Son, and the laminate floor is quite hard. So this is actually a really good gift, especially as it is not too big and matches the sofa.

    I am converted and not too proud to admit I was wrong. The agreement is that we still do Santa and main presents, but a a few can be set aside to give early during December. It will be nice to be able to give the kids a few things after they break up from school.

    Will have to be careful it doesn’t get out of hand and we just end up buying more presents.

  6. northernmum says:

    Oh I like both ideas, now I no longer get enough gifts to drag out the opening process and I do like to rip into my presents like a woman possessed and count up my smellies at the end.

    with the kids who get spoilt rotton we tend to let them open a present and then play with it so quite often they are still opening presents on new years eve!


    • Geeky Mummy says:

      Thanks Jane. At 5 Geeky Daughter changed from carefully unwrapping each present and wanting to know what it was to ripping off the wrapping quicker than you can say Santa. We don’t do that many presents, ten max including stocking and family.

  7. Emma says:

    Ooo I’m torn between thinking that it’s a good idea and a bad idea! I totally see where he is coming from though! But yeah for us there just be a whole lot of presents on Christmas morning, though last year we ended up opening our stockings on boxing day! Thank you for letting me include this post in my Christmas feast! 🙂

    • Geeky Mummy says:

      Hi Emma, thanks for including my post. Yes, I understand where he is coming from too, but, well sometimes you just need to be illogical.

      Must have been some crises for you to have to wait till boxing day to open your presents.

  8. Emma says:

    Oooh no, got to have the presents on Christmas day, otherwise I’d feel a bit disappointed on the day that it didn’t feel right!

    • Geeky Mummy says:

      Thanks Emma. I am just so excited, this is our first as a family of four and have probably gone a bit overboard as usual, but it is only once a year (which is why it is so fun). We constantly discuss how many presents we have bought each other just to add to the excitement. I know it is probably quite materialistic but I love surprises and I do genuinely get as much if not more excitement from giving others presents.

  9. Geeky Mummy says:

    Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t just about the presents, but if you are going to give presents I would rather get them on the day – otherwise I would have to get my Xmas shopping done even earlier (though in reality it is usually done by December – Geeky Hubby would strugle with this more than I).

    I agree about spontaneous gifts but I don’t really think that what Geeky Hubby is suggesting can really be called that – as there is an expectation that they will be be given, you just don’t know exactly when.

  10. I am Jewish so I don’t do the christmas thing. I do have to say that I think holidays are also and should mostly be about family and traditions. Not necessarily the gift.

    I actually prefer spontaneous gifts.

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