Learning to listen even when you know the answer

I realised tonight whilst dealing with the fall-out of 6 year old Geeky Daughter’s tantrum that if I were in a cartoon I would currently be sporting a rather large brightly lit lightbulb.

Geeky daughter hates being told something she already knows. Her ASD brain computes that if you are telling her something you are doing so because she doesn’t know it. It is therefore imperative to her that she stops you, explain that she already knows and under no circumstances allows you to continue, utilising severe distress tactics if necessary.

I then spent rather a long time trying to explain why she must listen even if she knows the answer. These are the reasons I gave in the order I gave them:

  1. You could be wrong – not a great start as of course as the reply was ‘but I’m not wrong’.
  2. They might have a better answer – receive an ‘oh’.
  3. They might be wrong or you might have a better answer that you can teach – which was a winner and got a laugh.

I then proceeded into full lecture mode and explained that successful people always listen, even if they think they already know it all as they never know when they might learn something important. This of course fell on distracted ears. But it got me thinking, and I realise that what I was saying was actually sound advice for everyone of all ages.

So, in addition to teaching the kids that just because something isn’t easy it doesn’t mean that it’s something that they should avoid or not do, I will also make it my mission to ensure they listen even if they know the answer.

Note: This also applies (and did actually apply) to being shown how to do something.


About Geeky Mummy
I am a geeky stay at home mummy. My blog Geeky Mummy shares my experiences and tips for using gadgets, technology and social media with a definite parenting bias. If you want help (whether or not you are a mummy) with anything gadgetty or technical, I want to help or at least point you in the right direction towards someone who can.

3 Responses to Learning to listen even when you know the answer

  1. My little man is exactly the same, he knows the answer to everything and therefore will not listen. I’ll have to explain to him about smart and successful peopel always listening. Thanks, Mich x

    • Geeky Mummy says:

      It was only when I was talking to her that I realised the importance of what I was saying. A lot of adults could do with learning to listen better, myself included. Hope you manage to teach him, I fear that this is going to be a lesson I have to repeat again and again and again with both my kids.

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