A Geeky Guide to Losing Weight & Getting Fit?

Geeky Son has recently celebrated his first birthday, so the whole ‘I am fat because I just had a baby‘ excuse is wearing a bit thin – well at least something is. So along with a large percentage of the population, my New Year’s Resolution was to get back to my pre baby no 2 size with a stretch goal of shrinking to my pre kids size.

So far I have lost 7 lbs which I am really pleased about, though I do confess that 2.5 lbs was thanks to a sickness bug that was no fun at all, but I am pleased that it has managed to stay off, so I must be doing something right?

Being a bit of a geek, the way to get me to do anything is to throw gadgets at me (not literally as I really can’t catch). Whether this approach is going to work, only time will tell, but in the mean time, feel free to point out the errors in my assumptions or applaud my geeky methods.


Everyone knows that getting rid of the flab is a two-pronged attack, watching what you eat and exercising. Eating better has been my starting point. I have read numerous books, from the Food Doctor to Paul McKenna. My research has led me to create the following guidelines for myself – not rules, as that implies they have to be followed, guidelines mean that when I break them I don’t have to feel guilty:

  1. Eat when hungry – otherwise apparently you can screw up your metabolism and starving myself would, well, I like my food way too much.
  2. Stop eating when no longer hungry – I tend to edge more to the before I am full, but the point is, clearing my plate is not the objective. Too many times I have eaten way too much because I like the taste or feel like it is too much of a waste not too.
  3. Only eat what I want to eat – there are a lot of foods I don’t like, for example I love broccoli and carrots but can’t stand peas, I am not big on fruit and whilst I can eat it, I would rather stay away from lettuce. If eating healthier means I have to eat grapefruit then quite frankly I would prefer to be mistaken for expecting no 3.

To keep an eye on what I eat I decided I needed to keep a food journal, and this is where we get to the gadgety part. I did consider joining Weight Watchers Online, I love the idea of a points system and I know quite a few people who have had great success with them. However whilst looking at phone apps for my Android HTC Desire I came across WWPoints. It isn’t affiliated with Weight Watchers but I found a number of reviews by people saying that they had compared it with the official Weight Watchers calculator and it seemed to be spot on. So for a few quid as a one off payment, I have been kind of following a Weight Watchers Pro diet.

I don’t use the app religiously, but I find it useful to help me make good choices, like I very rarely now have cheese as that uses up an incredible amount of points, but if I am careful about what I have eaten, I can squeeze in some naughties to satisfy my chocolate addiction.


So that’s food covered, what about exercise? I am signed up to a Pilates class which I love, but as Geeky Son is currently being either ill or a monkey about going to bed on time I am only managing about once or twice a month which is so infrequent that it almost isn’t worth it. Something I can do at home is the only practical solution.

After some lovely conversations with @clare_anderson and @R2UK I was recommended EA Sports Active. I checked the reviews on Amazon and, whilst it might offer good value for money in comparison to a gym membership that is never used, £40 is still £40. But this is the exciting part, the lovely Fairy Hobmother aka @ian_goodall from Appliances Online sent me a tweet telling me that he wanted to give me a gift. Well it made my Monday. An Amazon voucher for £15 was perfect timing and I swiftly ordered my latest new toy – EA Sports Active 2 for the PS3.

We also have a Wii, but it was clear from the reviews that people found the PS3 version much better. It comes with 3 strap on sensors, one of which is also a heart rate monitor.

I have only had time to set it up and have one workout, but I can confirm that it is a lot of fun. There is a lot of running on the spot, jumping up and down and squatting, but they incorporate it into fun games. It really does feel like you have your own personal trainer. I feel that it deserves its own review post, which I might do once I have used it in earnest – presuming I do manage to put it to geeky good use.

So there you have it. A phone app and PS3 game are hopefully going to be the secret of my geeky success to good health.

If you want to read more stories of weight loss I suggest you check out @kateab as she has on her blog The Five Fs My Fitness Story where you will find exactly that, people sharing their journeys for a healthy life.

Do let me know what you think and if you have any tips for me as I am determined that I will succeed.

Appliances Online sent me a £15 Amazon voucher to spend on whatever I wanted in return for a link to their website. No other incentives have been received from any of the other companies or products mentioned in this post.


About Geeky Mummy
I am a geeky stay at home mummy. My blog Geeky Mummy shares my experiences and tips for using gadgets, technology and social media with a definite parenting bias. If you want help (whether or not you are a mummy) with anything gadgetty or technical, I want to help or at least point you in the right direction towards someone who can.

7 Responses to A Geeky Guide to Losing Weight & Getting Fit?

  1. Jacq says:

    It sounds like you have some of the basics of Intuitive Eating built into your eating plan. I’m not sure if this is planned as you’ve read about it? If not, you should definitely do some research into it as there are reasons a weight loss focussed approach is unlikely to work alongside this sort of mindset.
    I’m not saying you can’t lose weight doing intuitive Eating, many people do. But you need to adjust your mindset and focus on the food instead.

    • Geeky Mummy says:

      I don’t remember coming across Intuitive Eating just that increasing metabalism is good, and eating nothing just tells your body to slow down your metabalism which is bad. The Food Doctor also advocates six meals a day. My life is quite chaotic so I need to be able to be flexible and I am a very fussy eater.

      From your comment it suggests that you don’t agree with Intuitive Eating? What approach do you recommend?

  2. Good luck with your weight loss and fitness challenge 🙂

    I’ve lost 2.5 stone since August doing Slimming World Online, so if you’re seeking more geeky inspiration you could check that out (costs money though).

    I hope you get on well with EA Sports Active – I shall feel dreadfully guilty if you don’t!

    • Geeky Mummy says:

      Thanks, you know, I haven’t even looked at Sliming Word Online. Is it similar to Weight Watchers? Does it use points or Calories? The main thing is that I don’t want any restrictions on what I can eat or set meals – that is never going to work.

      Yes, I will definately blame you if EA Sports Active ends up being a complete disaster 🙂 Actually I haven’t had a go since Sat, but as my Pilates class for tonight has been cancelled (which is gutting as I was for once all set to go) I am about to do my second session.

  3. Michelle Twin Mum says:

    Good luck with your weight loss, sounds as if you are being very sensible.

    I started to cut back yesterday and things are goign well… so far!

    Mich x

    • Geeky Mummy says:

      Thanks. It has worked well so far but will have to see if it shifts those last few pounds to get me back in to the size I feel I am meant to be. Good luck with your efforts, this is such a hard time with all those lovely yummy easter eggs, will really test the will power.

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