Sister by Rosamund Lupton

Book CoverSister by Rosamund Lupton is a tear inducing page turning who dunnit. I have recommended it to friends and I will at the very least read the sample of her next book Afterwards which is due out in June 2011.

However, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I can imagine that some people might find the it too emotional. It is intense but isn’t scary or graphically violent.

Without giving away too much of the story, it covers the following topics: murder, sisterly love, loss, babies, cystic fibrosis, prejudice and genetic engineering.

I read the Kindle version which is £1 more than the paperback version (boo hiss). Included are book group suggested questions, and I can see why, this would make a great book group book.

It isn’t a book I would re-read simply because the fun was in the mystery of not knowing. All the way through the book I found myself trying to figure out the bad guy and finding it harder and harder to stop reading. I just needed to know.

But it is perhaps the ending that I loved the most and why I give this book four out of five stars.

I bought this book myself after downloading the free Kindle sample.


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7 Responses to Sister by Rosamund Lupton

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  2. yep, i loved the book but hated the ending,

    I cant even remember how it ended but from seeing the book again i remember feeling cheated!


  3. I loved this book, though agree some people would find it too much. I kind of want to lend it to my sister, because it’s about such a close sister-sister relationship, but I know it’s really not her cup of tea. I also have a review of this written (scribbled on a scrap of paper, actually) ready for Book Week, and I’ll link to this review, if you’re happy for me to – I always like to get a range of opinions about a book if I can.

    • Geeky Mummy says:

      Of course, please do link up.
      It’s a tough one isn’t it. I bought this for a friend for World Book Night before I had finished reading it and there were a number of times I thought, oh no. I have warned her and will see how she gets on.

  4. Michelle Twin Mum says:

    Just finished my book, so been looking for a good one. Thanks for the recommendation. Mich x

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