Three Cheers for Satellite Navigation – Getting home from Virginia Water / Savill Garden

This is my first official Three Cheers Blog Hop post. If it wasn’t for my Sat Nav I quite possibly could still be lost. Even with my Sat Nav I still experienced that moment of panic – would I make it back in time for the school run?

You have to understand that I am a clear contender for the most navigationally challenged person that has ever lived. Geeky Hubby asks me for directions and then goes in the opposite direction.

But back to my story. I arranged to meet a couple of mummy friends at Virginia Water. It really is a stunning place to visit and I highly recommend it – though at the time of writing this post it is a disappointing geocaching location.

I have been before. I know where to park. But as I’ve only been a few times I still needed the Sat Nav.

However, right at the last minute it was suggested that we park at Savill Garden instead. The reason being that it has free parking for the first 90 minutes, a cafe with toilets and a play park. Where we normally park for Virginia Water in contrast doesn’t have a proper cafe, toilets are at the far end of the car park in a pub, there is no playground for the kids and no free 90 minute parking.

Savill Garden is still Virginia Water, just a little further up (from our direction). This was my first time and I was rather nervous about finding the right place. We were running a little late and I didn’t have time to properly research our new destination, but it was clearly signposted and I managed to get there without too many problems. OK, in truth, I did pull over and double check exactly where to park, but for me that is as close to perfection for travelling somewhere new as I will ever get.

I have to say we had a completely fantastic morning. We didn’t go into Savill Garden as you have to pay extra, but a very short walk takes you to the playground. The kids played in the sandpit, went down the slide, ran around lots and fed the ducks. We finished off with a second mortgage style over priced lunch/snack in the cafe – except for the hot chocolate which was worth every penny. Best of all the toilets were immaculate.

Catching up with friends was obviously priceless.

So far so good.

After a much longer stay than planned it was time to leave. This is where my Sat Nav stars. I had absolutely no idea how to get home. You have to exit using a different route. Then I got distracted, ignored my Sat Nav and suddenly realised I had no idea where I was or how to get home.

I put my faith in electronic hands, concentrated and after a few twists, turns and a drive through a lovely village, we made it to a set of traffic lights with a signpost clearly stating that we were about to turn onto the A30 – the road home. Hurrah. The relief was immense.

Once home I listened to the voicemail on my mobile. It was an ‘I’m lost, no idea where I am, hope you have your Sat Nav with you’ message from one of the other mum’s. Don’t worry, she texted me later to confirm that she too had managed to find her way home.

I don’t like driving new places as I have no sense of direction. Sat Nav enables me to be a little bit daring. To visit somewhere new. So Three Cheers to whoever invented Sat Nav – you have saved my bacon on many an occasion, including today, and make my life much easier every time I use it – which is at least weekly.

I would though like to know if anyone has any recommendations as to the best way to use an Android phone as a Sat Nav. I used Navigation that comes with the phone. I worry that if I don’t have a good 3G signal I will lose the maps. Is this a valid concern? Is there a better app? I love that it integrates with my Google contacts but currently keep my Garmin on hand just in case.

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2 Responses to Three Cheers for Satellite Navigation – Getting home from Virginia Water / Savill Garden

  1. NannyNick says:

    Great to hear your Sat Nav got you to a road you knew, they can be very useful for that.

    Next time you are visiting that area, there is a nice walk from end of Bishops Gate Road to Savill Gardens and parking is free in Bishops Gate Road (though gets full quickly at times).

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