How Google+ will replace Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Email & eBay

Google+ is the social media toy of the moment. So far most people seem to think that it might even be so awesome that it could topple Facebook.

I have been lucky enough to have received an invite from @R2UK and below are my thoughts so far as to how Google+ might take over the world and replace blogs, Twitter, Facebook, email and eBay.

Quick Google+ Overview

I’m aware that most people don’t have Google+. In fact most people I know haven’t even heard of it.

Therefore, if you are one of those people, think of Google+ as being rather like Facebook but with greater privacy control settings. You add friends into circles and when you post you can specify whether to make your post public, visible to only certain people, circles or extended – your friends and their circles.

It also has a number of extra features which have cute names like huddle and hangout.

How Google+ will take over the world

Well it’s not going to happen overnight but I like what I’ve seen and once Google+ opens its doors to everyone it will be very interesting to see what happens.

Replacing Blogs & Twitter

It seems to me that sending a public post is similar to posting on Twitter or writing a blog post.

There is some loss of functionality but I am guessing that will come with time e.g. there is no concept of Twitter hashtags.

Also I only seem to come across public posts when one of my friends comments on a post. But the viral marketing opportunities are plenty.

Replacing Facebook

For private posts like photos of the kids or what you did last night, you simply post to certain circles.

But even better is that you can use your circles to only tell those groups of people who you think are interested in certain things – or to exclude certain people from seeing your posts, like your parents or your boss.

And the mute button which turns off notifications for that post is just pure genius – it will I’m sure get used a lot.

Replacing Email

Instead of email, you just post to people or circles.

Again the mute button will be very useful, but it will be both fab and annoying. Great for if you get fed up with the constant difficulty some people have distinguishing between the reply all and reply button. Annoying if someone replies with the expectation that you are listening.

Google+ is definitely the first tool to really put some meat to the idea that email will cease to exist in the future.

Replacing eBay

The cost of selling on Ebay has rocketed. We now use a local Facebook group to buy and sell for free.

Extended posts could be for buying or selling. Where you hope that if your friend is friends with this person it will mean that they won’t rip you off. Only problem is that because the circles work as they do, people will be more relaxed about adding everyone. So I think the extended circles will be less trusted than the same concept in other social media tools.

Do you have a Google+ account? What do you think of it so far? Could you ever see yourself giving up blogging, Twitter, Facebook, email or eBay for Google+?


About Geeky Mummy
I am a geeky stay at home mummy. My blog Geeky Mummy shares my experiences and tips for using gadgets, technology and social media with a definite parenting bias. If you want help (whether or not you are a mummy) with anything gadgetty or technical, I want to help or at least point you in the right direction towards someone who can.

7 Responses to How Google+ will replace Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Email & eBay

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  2. Would be brilliant to replace ALL social media with just one option. So much less hassle. Hope it develops and eventually takes off. I’d switch (as long as everyone else was).

  3. Frankee B says:

    I really do hope it lives up to all it’s promises! I look forward to having a play

  4. Over a year ago, there appeared a slidedeck on Slideshare from Google about “the real life network”. This is a very interesting one where they describe go into the way they people interact in real-life.

    Definitely worth having a look

  5. Sandra T says:

    I think I someone should send me an invite (nudge nudge) so I can evaluate Google+ myself. 😉

  6. Geeky Mummy says:

    Yes, anyone that can build from scratch is going to have the advantage but it won’t be plain sailing. It has taken a lot of effort to get some of my friends onto Facebook. To now convince them to switch to Google+ is going to be quite a challenge.

    I knew that including Blogs & Twitter was quite a statement. But, there are a lot of people who don’t do either. I think Google+ may stop them from bothering to start. Then those of occasional use might not see the point of having multiple accounts and so the migration begins.

    A lot of what you do on Twitter can be acheieved in Google+ like sharing a post instead of retweeting. Granted Google+ need to add tagging and more but I think it could happen.

  7. Good post.
    Facebook was a great concept at the right time but delivered badly (I have never come across a product that is so buggy yet so popular).

    Google has had the time to see what works and what doesn’t with Facebook and make it better. Some of the features in Google+ sound fantastic and with the marketing money and name behind it, it has every chance of toppling Facebook over time.

    I’m not sure I agree it will replace blogs and Twitter. I think there may need to be better integration but these products / concepts are strong enough to stand alone.

    All in all my first impressions of Google+ are a positive one and it supports my theory that email will no longer exist as we know it by 2018.

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