There is no denying it. I am definitely a geek. I get a disturbing amount of pleasure from having the latest gadgets. I love my android phone, am a prolific Facebook and Twitter user and despite having the fine motor skills of a young child love nothing better than playing Lego Harry Potter on the PS3.

Fortunately I managed to find someone crazy enough to marry me and bless me with two beautiful children. I love being a mummy so much I gave up my IT career to be a stay at home mummy (SAHM).

However my technology addiction is still firmly rooted – hence Geeky Mummy.

I hope you enjoy reading Geeky Mummy in which I share the geeky side of parenting. Naturally I love my geeky gadgets so you will find I do quite a few posts recommending certain products. If I have been rewarded in any way for doing a review – i.e. recieved an item as a freebie or even earnt hard cash, my guarantee to you is that it will be clearly marked on the review and I promise to still be honest in my write-up. So, some of my reviews may be sponsored, but many will also be my desire to share great finds.

If you ever need any help with anything slightly geeky please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to either help you directly or find you someone that can.

Geeky Mummy

PS I am also a guest blogger on Stop Think Social!

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