Solving HTC Desire low disc space issues

I love my HTC Desire mobile phone, but for the last few months we have been at war. It started with a Low Disc Space warning. I retaliated by ensuring every app that could be moved to SD card was moved. I cleared the cache and even for some apps the data – which was a pain as I had to re-enter passwords.

I researched and convinced myself I would root my phone, but I chickened out and opted for a Factory Data Reset. Even that was nerve racking.

But something had to be done as in addition to the low disc space messages, I was also getting warning messages that my phone wasn’t functioning properly – not surprising when you have less thank 500kb free!

So Friday night I performed a factory data reset available through settings. The reset was really quick and it took only about an hour to re-enter passwords, install apps etc.

During my research I found that people recommend a data reset after a firmware upgrade, though rooting is the best long term solution.

I have resigned myself to the idea that I may have to reset frequently but it’s only until June when I upgrade, and now that I’ve done it once, I know it’s no big hassle. At least I can go back to using it as a smartphone now that I have room to reinstall Tweetdeck and G+ and a couple of days later I am pleased I took the plunge and wish I had to had the courage do reset sooner.

TIP: Check the apps you want to keep, there may be an option to export data to your SD card. You will still have to reinstall each app from the Marketplace (which remembers which apps you have bought) but at least any data associated with that app will be saved – though will probably still have to re-enter your passwords. And, if you have synchronised your contacts with your Google account they will magically reappear once you’ve re-synchronised.

So don’t delay take the plunge – but you will still have to be harsh on which apps to reinstall, especially if you want resource hungry apps like G+ and Facebook.